Social Media Event Promotion

For my music business class, we have a final project that we put on and present to the class. My group decided we would put on a show including three local bands playing their music for us to enjoy and for them to promote their band and put on a fun show. There was a

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It’s Hiring Season: Get Your Interns & Recent College Grads Here

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Want to hire a UGA Marketing Intern or Recent College Grad this summer? Here’s everything you need to know. Jobs are pretty straight forward. Please post your opportunity here. What qualifies as an internship? We define an internship as employment that gives a student practical experience in marketing activities and provides academic credit. An internship

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The Impact of Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a huge deal in the marketing industry. A huge majority of companies use them strategically.  This has a lot to do with psychology and human nature. Getting a deal get’s people excited, even if in the long run it isn’t saving them a lot of money. For example, student discounts are usually

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We are a vibrant community of student, alumni and corporate friends focused on growing the next generation of marketers. We welcome your participation.

Digital Marketing Area of Emphasis


The world is becoming more digital every day. This degree program uniquely prepares you for a career in this fascinating and fast-moving field. #LotstoLearn More


Students in the program must attend the Digital Marketing Conference offered in the Fall. SPARKsouth is held on a Friday in Mid-October. #GreatNetworking More


The digital marketing competition gives students a dose of real-life experience. You get marketing, networking, mentoring and experiential learning all at once. #HardWork. More


Beyond academically preparing you to start your career, students in the program are also offered professional development, networking and job opportunities. Brand yourself and land your dream job. #TheItFactory More


The digital marketing community is a learn as you go and teach each other kind of place. Joining the various clubs is important to your career and it’s a lot fun. #WorkHardPlayHard More


Participation in the digital marketing community is something we do together. Involvement will give you the strength to act on your ideas and inspire you to be the best version of you. #JointheTribe More

Word on the Street

"I was really unsure about going to SparkSouth, but I’m so happy I did. I learned so much about the actual marketing world from real people instead of a classroom PowerPoint."


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"I never thought I would find a program that would feel like a family, but I have absolutely found that with the Digital Marketing Program."


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"I walked away from SparkSouth with more insight than I had ever imagined. I especially enjoyed the mentorship lunch and opportunity to network in a more intimate setting."


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"The opportunities provided by the Digital Marketing program at UGA - namely the New York trip and the Digital Marketing Compeition - allow students a glimpse into the real world of marketing and advertising, an experience we can't get sitting behind a desk."


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"Dear Professor Osbon, I have thoroughly enjoyed your social media marketing course this semester. It has been one of my favorite and most valuable classes that I have taken thus fat at UGA. The blogs, individual brand comparison paper, and final group presentations were enjoyable to work on as well as pieces I can proudly show to friends, family, and potential employers. I have a new passion for social media marketing and am excited to continue growing as a young marketing professional."


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